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MadMules Rackless Luggage

Turkana’s, MadMules™ innovative rackless panniers fits the majority of Adventure/Enduro bikes, even Superbikes and long...

Turkana Trek-Bags

Trek-Bags™ have been designed for use as single or as multi combination configurable motorcycle soft baggage panniers....

GeckoGrip Tank Bag Harnass

The modular universal tank bag harness for Adventure Enduro Motorcycle Riders. Configure, adapt and strap a wide selection...

Bullfrog Pannier Tank Bags

Bullfrog™ Pannier tank bag and tail pockets are the rugged sidekicks for your enduro adventure motorbike. With 3 litres of...

Waterproof, dustproof, motorcycle luggage for rugged travel

Pioneering rugged motorcycle adventure gear

With our extensive experience of riding adv motorbikes around the world, we know gear has to be brawny to survive abuse. It's got to hold up on all seven continents over rough terrain and through different conditions - all for similar-minded and passionate adventurers like you.

We set out to forge tough, yet great value-for-money waterproof adventure moto soft luggage. Backed by a lifetime warranty and a damaged gear back up commitment.

Turkana soft luggage systems allow for a greater range of adaptability, whether you are riding dual sport tracks, explore remote adv-enduro trails across mountains, or intend to 'just' cross large continents on a big trail adventure motorcycle.

Adventure Stories with Turkana

Not just nifty motorcycle adventure gear, Turkana gear is well-traveled too, these are our stories but also dedicated to our community's adventures.


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