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Turkanagear lifetime warranty soft luggage adventure enduro travel

We take pride in engineering top-notch motorcycle gear and we back-up everything we make. Turkana gear is forged to be unusually lasting and easily repairable. That is why we back it up with the best commitment from our side. All just to make sure you can keep tripping, exploring creating memories.

Lifetime Commitment:

Turkana warrants our products are free from defects in workmanship, parts and materials for the lifetime of the product. “Lifetime” means 5 years after that product is not for sale anymore, but the warranty will be honoured if the next generation of the product is available. If the product fails due to a manufacturing or material defect, we will repair the product without charge, or replace it at our discretion. Sending your product to our warranty department will be for your risk and cost.

We design our products to endure demanding conditions for extended periods of use, but the warranty will become void in case of misuse, neglect, abuse, or any alterations of or to the product, in case of it being dragged behind a motorcycle, used as a fire starter or loaned to a dodgy friend. The warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear incurred during the life span of the materials.

All dyed/pigmented fabrics and webbing will fade with UV exposure (sunlight) over time. TurkanaGear fabrics are exceedingly UV resistant, although other coloured fabrics can fade faster under the same UV exposure. This is a typical characteristic and not a manufactured defect, and hence not covered by our lifetime warranty.

NOTE: Under no circumstances shall Turkana be liable for warranty claims in excess of the original purchase price paid.

Oh, Buggar! Gear Back-up Commitment:

Running out of talent on a rocky track. A devil fairy kicking the tyres out from under you. Having a yard sale on a dirt road in Moab.

As adventurers, we know you are likely to damage your gear. Part of our commitment is to offer you the option to replace the damaged product with a new one at a discount that will make you smile. It does not matter how it was damaged, even if you accidentally left it on your bike and a lion used it during the night as a play toy, our Gear Back-up Commitment has your back.

Contact us directly or through your dealer.