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Turkana Gear MadMules Soft Luggage Waterproof Rackless Adventure enduro Luggage
  • Turkana Gear MadMules Soft Luggage Waterproof Rackless Adventure enduro Luggage
  • TurkanaGear madmule rackless motorcycle adventure enduro panniers angle width adjustment
  • TurkanaGear madmule rackless motorcycle adventure enduro panniers angle width adjustment
  • TurkanaGear madmule rackless motorcycle adventure enduro panniers angle width adjustment
  • Turkana Gear MadMules Soft Luggage on the Triumph Tiger 900 Pro
  • Turkana Gear Rackless MadMules Soft Luggage on the KTM500EXC enduro
  • Turkana Gear MadMules Soft Luggage on the Yamaha Tenere T7 Panniers
  • TurkanaGear Trekbag's use webbing on the sides to attach additional pouches for extra storage space.
  • Trek-Bags™ have been designed for use as single or as multi combination configurable motorcycle soft baggage panniers.
  • Roll Top for easy access.
  • Turkana Gear MadMules Soft Luggage on the BMW GSA 1250LC Adventure
  • Turkana Gear MadMules Soft Luggage on the KTM500 EXC 5L Trek Bag Enduro
  • Turkana Gear MadMules Soft Luggage on the Triumph Tiger 900 Pro
  • Turkana Gear MadMules Soft Luggage on the Honda Africa Twin CRF1100 Enduro
  • Turkana Gear MadMules Soft Luggage on the Yamaha Tenere 700
  • Turkana Gear MadMules Soft Luggage on the KTM500EXC Advenduro

MadMules Rackless Luggage

Turkana’s, MadMules™ innovative rackless panniers fits the majority of Adventure/Enduro bikes, even Superbikes and long distance motorcycle tourers. Probably the most versatile, adaptable, configurable, modular motorcycle rackless saddlebag luggage design.

MadMules™ was designed for darn tough and rough off-road advenduro riding. From weekend excursions, ultra-light hotel stay and international fly-to-ride trips in mind to multi month overland expeditions. A major benefit is that the MadMules™ do not require side pannier racks which add weight, width and bulk to a motorbike.

The MadMules™ allows for individual preference riding style, carrying the weight as low and close as possible on the motorcycle.

Disclaimer:  Please note that our products might vary in colour, material and construction from time to time.

MadMule Set Options/Combinations

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Go-anywhere quick-fitting rackless lightweight luggage for any type of motorcycle advenduro excursion.

Weighing a mere combined 2,6kg+/- the MadMule™ base and two Trek-Bag rackless luggage are ultra-lightweight in design, nevertheless built as strong as a battle tank. Designing the MadMules™ we placed emphasis on minimum interference with riding ability and performance, especially on technical single tracks and off-road trips with lightweight travel in mind.

Unique Innovative Harness Design

The MadMules™ offers motorcycle riders the ability to exactly configure their soft luggage to whatever advenduro trips they embark upon. With the MadMules™ not just the width can be set for narrow to wide motorcycles, but also the angle of the legs.

Full adjustability of the legs, angle and width of the top base allows the MadMules™ to fit the majority of enduros, dual-sports and larger Adventure motorcycles.
There is no need to have luggage for each different motorcycle in the garage. The MadMules™ can adapt to the majority of motorcycle shapes and sizes and can quickly fit or be removed.

MadMules™ Base Sandwich

The top base sandwich can be used without the legs to carry luggage when only small loads of gear are needed. Any of the Trek-Bags fit the Base Sandwich with M.O.L.L.E for added storage and carrying capacity.
We added additional D-ring tie-down points to the Base Sandwich to allow for any other bags or the Turkana Duffalo™ 25L/40L duffel bags to secure as top bags.

Have the lightest motorcycle soft luggage setup. Go-anywhere quick fit/remove rackless. Fully modular. Configurable to any motorbike. Replaceable, repairable parts. Built as tough as nails! KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid.

MadMule Trek Bags

With our modular design, the MadMules™ base can easily be fitted with our different sizes of roll top closure Trek-bags to accommodate an unimaginable wide variety of trip packing needs.
Our Trek-bags are available in 3L –5L – 10L – 15L – 20L  sizes which can expand and contract with the supplied compression straps.
Constructed from tough Rhinocote™ with reinforced stitching on stress points. The M.O.L.L.E system on the Trek-Bags attaches to the PALS webbing on the MadMules base to form an incredibly strong bond between the base and bags.

Additional BushBaby™ and Oxpacker™ pouches can attach to the bags and allows the soft luggage panniers for added easy access to water for emergency kits. This versatility allows for an extraordinarily Travel-Living-Endurable luggage system.

We use roll-top closures on the Trek-Bags to ensure each compartment is 100% dust, mud and sand proof. Water-resistant to water jets and quick submersions, and with the use of the inner dry bags it becomes 100% waterproof.


Trek Bag Dimensions:

  • 5L - Width: 10cm x Length: 21cm x Height: 24cm, Rolltop Height: 20cm
  • 10L - Width: 15cm x Length: 22cm x Height: 32cm, Rolltop Height: 20cm
  • 15L - Width: 17cm x Length: 24cm x Height: 36cm, Rolltop Height: 22cm
  • 20L - Width: 17cm x Length: 28cm x Height: 42cm, Rolltop Height: 22cm


It is important that your saddlebags can be configured for different trips or adventures. What better system to use than what Chuck Norris and the military are used to? M.O.L.L.E. is perfect for this application, making it possible to add and use different pouches fitted with PALS to add more storage space to the saddlebags and allow you to configure the system to your needs for the trip ahead.

MadMules™ is compatible with 3L OxPacker™ and 5L BushBaby™ accessory pouches, which can be fitted on all four sides of the bags and on the base.

Impact Protection all round

The MadMules™ offer additional impact protection for luggage. The MadMules™ Trek-bags are padded and double-layered to protect gear and for additional strength.
With padded legs and Base, the MadMules harness also offers protection against damage to motorcycles.

BODYWORK DAMAGE DISCLAIMER - MadMules mounts over the seat, it is possible the sides can rub against the plastic side panels of the bike, resulting in minor abrasion. Mud and dust can worsen the damage when rubbing against the plastics. In the kit, you will receive some clear adhesive protective sheets to fit where abrasion chafing may occur on your motorcycle. We strongly recommend applying additional clear adhesive protective sheets to where abrasion sharing may occur on your motorcycle.
Exhaust HeatShield - On some motorcycles the use of the Hotazhel heat-shield would be essential to stop the MadMules resting against a hot exhaust.

The outer layer of the Trek-Bags and MadMules™ base is made from Rhinocote™ a high tenacity, tough, durable fabric.
The fabrics offer a high tear, wear and abrasion resistance and can take a lot of the abuse associated with adventure type travel. The outer shell is water-resistant with double stitched seams which makes this luggage perfect for gritty off-road use.

Field Repairable

Sh*t happens, that we know from experience, from dropping your bike on those rocky tracks in the Andes, to getting it pierced by an Oryx in the Namibia Desert. We know the MadMules™ will be dragged to hell and back and, accidents are part of enduro-adventure riding.

Repairability is a key design aspect of the MadMules™ it means most damages should be repairable by anybody with a sewing needle in most places around the world.

We designed the straps and most parts of the rackless system to be field repairable or be fixed or replaced to minimise cost and be able to continue even when slip-ups and damage due to accidents. You do not have to throw your bags away due to cuts or tears. Just replace or repair what is needed.

MadMules Includes

MadMules™ Rackless Base includes:

  • Turkana MadMules™ Base complete – Left and right leg & Top sandwich base
  • 2 x Extra-long Tie-Down Compression Straps (130cm) over the seat or to be used to secure the top Sandwich Base
  • 1 x Tail strap
  • 2 x Stainless steel cleats
  • Protective film

Trek Bags each includes

  • 1 x Roll top waterproof/dust-proof removable inner.
  • 5L – 1 x compression strap.
  • 10L, 15L, 20L each 2 x compression straps.

Product Features

  • Rackless Modular Design.
  • Combined base & bags only weighs 2,6kg+/_
  • Quick fit – removal from any motorcycle
  • Fully adjustable width & angle to fit from narrow enduros to big Advenduro motorbikes
  • Universal fit to most motorcycles
  • M.O.L.L.E system - attach & configure different bags & pouches
  • MadMules ™ Top Base can be used separately to secure luggage.
  • Base configure for different size/volume bags
  • Removable 100% Waterproof Dust proof inner bags.
  • Field repairable
  • Reinforced stitching on entire base stress points.

Product Specs

  • Width: 22 cm
  • Length: 20 cm base / 51 cm including legs
  • Weight: 1.4 kg (Base Only)
  • Capacity: Dependant on Trek-Bag choice