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Motorcycle adventure trips that have a life-changing effect.

Africa's fourth-largest lake, fondly called the "Jade Sea" because of its breathtaking color, is one of the most remote areas on the African continent with unforgiving, scorching hot dry desolate landscapes and bone-jarring brutal dirt roads. 

It is a place where gear and motorcycle adventure luggage has to perform to their best.

The Turkana area includes national parks like Sibiloi National Park, the South Island, and the Central Island National Parks - all unique locations that only a few dual sport adventure riders have dared to explore in the past. 

The long body of Lake Turkana drops down along the Rift Valley from north of the Ethiopian border into Kenya, extending 249 kilometers south. It spans 44 km at its widest point and has a maximum depth of 30 meters.

Not only does Turkana bear the distinction of being the largest desert lake in the world, but it is also the most saline lake in East Africa, further known for its high alkalinity. In fact, it is more akin to an extraterrestrial landscape given that it is most often just devoid of life.

In honour of Turkana and this incredible area, we aptly decided to name our company "Turkana", as we believe this best reflects our spirit of adventure, born out of optimism and shaped through tenacity.

Turkana Gear the place where motorcycle dualsport panniers soft luggage bags at best